My Family

My Family

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Labor Day fun

We didn't have any plans for Labor Day except that I didn't want to sit at home.  Well, my wish was granted when we received a text at 8:30AM from Adam saying Boat?  The boys were very excited because Brody just happened to mention to Adam the night before that he wanted to take a ride in the boat.  

We put the boat in near Fernandina and headed to Ft. George inlet to hang out for the day.

The kids loved riding the boat and especially going really fast.  Once we arrived to Ft George we pulled up to the shore and let the kids play in the water.  They were so excited to splash around.  We wish we had thought to bring rafts or noodles for them as well Stephanie and I.

It was pretty warm that day so the adults even enjoyed some water time.

After a few hours playing in the water and sun, we could tell a storm was coming so we headed back.  Of course as Trevor seems to do everytime we ride on the boat, he falls asleep.

On our way back Adam took us so we could see Ft Clinch from the water - a different view than we normally see.  Of course Trevor slept thru it.

What a wonderful Labor Day on the water.

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