My Family

My Family

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Are we ready for some football??

The coolness in the air (well, not around here in North Florida) means football season is here.  We love football around our house and that means it is time for fantasy football.  For about 8-10 years now we have been having a draft party at our house.  A few wives and kids come to so it is one big party with of course lots of football type food.

Brody and Trevor get so excited when they hear the draft party is coming up.  The kids head straight to the playroom and as long as they don't make too much noise they are free to play however and they have a blast.

We were able to get a decent picture of them while they were still.  However, Caleb wanted no part of the picture as he was on the side playing his 3DS.  He and Daniel drove all the way from SC for this draft - see it's important stuff!!

Our HUGE board with all of the picks.

Although I say it's serious stuff, these pictures show people eating, but I think they were in a break period.

Kyle, Keith's brother is always serious and brings all kinds of paperwork with him.  This is how he received his team name 8 or so years ago "TrapperKeeper" since he brought a TrapperKeeper to keep all of his papers in the first year.

Party time for the kids as well especially for Trevor where there aren't a lot of rules on what has to be eaten on party nights so he has a blast.  He and sweet Ava enjoying a little snack.

Let the smack talk begin!!

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