My Family

My Family

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soccer days

Our Saturday's have been filled with soccer and thankfully it is going great.  Trevor is having a blast running all over the field.  I'm telling you he is one of the cutest soccer players ever.

This is his favorite move when anything goes great.  He is such a team player.

He loves running up and down the field, however we have had a couple of 10:30 games and they are a little hot.  Sometimes he doesn't mind sitting on the bench in the shade when it's someone's turn to play.

This is one of my favorite pictures - an action shot.  We are so excited to watch him play because he actually gets in the mix at times and tries to kick the ball.

Running hard to catch up.

Getting ready to kick

My roommate from college's sister lives in our town now - small world.  Her two kids play in the division up from Trevor.  I caught her daughter, who is Brody's age, checking out our game while taking a rest during her game.

Trevor has had some fans come and cheer him on - his cousin Macy and Chaly.  

Snack time is still one of his favorite parts of the game.

My time came around for snack time and I made these cute soccer cupcakes and Trevor LOVED them.

My little cute soccer player with a few minutes before a game for a few photos.

I am so glad he is having so much fun during this soccer season.  I really don't care that he hasn't made a goal - our goal is for him to have fun and at least get in there and try to kick the ball.

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