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My Family

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pantry Reveal

I am so excited to be able to reveal my new pantry.  For 12 years I struggled with one of the smallest pantries.  When it was just Jason and I, it was no big deal, but bring on 2 boys then the pantry got the best of me.  When we added on 4 years ago, I ended up using the office closet as part of the pantry.  It's really embarrassing that this is what the closet ended up looking like.

Well, this wasn't what Jason had in mind for this closet.  So we started planning for our latest construction project.  We went back and forth on exactly how I wanted the pantry to look and what we would use to built it out.  I didn't want wire shelves and after lots of googling, Jason decided to go ahead and build it all himself.

Here is what we started with.

Yeah, for the past few weeks I was so tired of this small pantry that I would just open, throw something in and shove the door closed and pray that no one who visited opened the door!!  I was so over it!!  This recent post shows where Jason left off after one day's work.

He went to work cutting the melamine board for my shelves and finished up both sides with just one more day of working.

I couldn't wait to fill it up.  So after dropping off the kids one morning I dove in to bring out all the food from EVERYWHERE to see what all I had.

Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe all the stuff I had.  I guess I got a little out of control with the BOGO's when I would go to the store since I couldn't remember everything I had at the house in all the different places.

Just the chips...

My little helper helping me empty out the old pantry.

Looks like we will be having pasta for awhile.

We love peanut butter

Once ALL the food was out and somewhat in groups, the fun started.  It took me a little while to figure out the best places to put stuff, which still may change.

 All filled up and loving every bit of it.  I find myself just walking in there and just standing.  I think I tell Jason about everyday how much I LOVE the pantry!!  He did such a great job planning and building this out - since he did so great with this one I have a couple projects waiting.

I loved that I didn't have to purchase any new storage bins (besides the ones from IKEA).  I had enough teal ones from my old pantry and office closet that all matched.  I sure am glad that I "planned" that several years ago.

I love the smaller shelf for my can goods - great use of space.

The cereal and cracker containers are from IKEA.  The kids and myself love being able to see the cereal they/we want to eat.  All the unopened boxes are at the top of the pantry.

These drawers are from IKEA as well.  They work out perfectly for all the snacks and other small items  that can be emptied out of larger boxes.

See, Trevor loves checking out what all is in the baskets.   They are all within arm reach.  They have Healthy Snacks and Regular Snacks drawers.  So far they have only gone to the Healthy Snacks - I wonder if they realize that their gummies are in the Regular Snack drawer?

The left side of the pantry which will have drinks, cake decorating supplies and a few entertaining pieces like platters.

The one thing I was going to miss from the old garage was the refrigerator being right outside.  We decided to buy a small fridge for can drinks and such.  So glad we did because it definitely makes it nice having cold sodas real close.

Once I cleaned out the office (for another post), I was able to get back to my Silhouette which I love.  So, it was time to put up some vinyl and the pantry was the perfect place to start.

A perfect place for a Grocery List.  I painted a couple of the panels on the back of the pantry door with some chalkboard paint and a perfect spot for our Grocery List.  How many times are you looking in your pantry and see that you are out of something or you use the last of something?  Well now I can just turn around and write it on the list and when it's time to go to the grocery store just snap a picture of it with my phone and I have it with me.

A few other little extras in the pantry are the labels.  I was so excited to have everything labeled.  

I found an idea a month or so on where else than Pinterest about using something called Washi Tape to cover switch plates.  I googled where to buy this stuff and one place was Joann's.  Well, I went into our local Joann's and asked them where it was and I think they thought I was crazy.  They had never heard of the stuff.  Well, I left feeling pretty stupid.  So off I went to google a little more.  I found out that it is also called Crafting Tape.  This time I went to Michaels and asked and they immediately knew what I was talking about.  I found this tape and thought it was perfect for the pantry.

After cleaning the switchplate with nail polish remover because I didn't have any rubbing alcohol in the house (what house doesn't have that?), I placeed the tape on the switchplate.  I then turned it over and cut the excess off with an exacto knife - make sure to leave a little extra to fold over the edge.  Also cut out the center doing the same with leaving a little extra.

Place the switchplate back on the wall and there you have a new way to decorate switchplates.  I have plans to do a few more in the house - after I find a good sale on the "crafting tape" in the right colors.

Once I got everything out of the old pantry, here's what I was left with.

Like I mentioned earlier, I dislike wire shelves and what I had planned for this area - these shelves were not going to work.  Another Pinterest find was to use Vinyl floor tiles on the wire shelves.  I found this pack from Family Dollar for $12.

After some measuring and cutting (which was very easy to do), the old pantry looked like this.

I will say that they tiles don't stick that great to the wire shelves, but it does give a smooth surface to put stuff on and nothing will fall through the cracks.

The plans for the old pantry was for paper goods, baking supplies, and small appliances.

These were in a small cabinet that was always a pain to pull one out because you had to pull out everything in front just to get to one in the back.  That cabinet is now being used for cookie sheets and baking pans.  So far these are much easier to get to.

These used to be in a cabinet and inside cabinet door shelves.  What a pain to get to them so this was a perfect alternative.  Everything easy to see and grab when I need it.

This is one of my favorite parts - small appliances easy to access - especially the Crock Pot.



I am hoping this motivates me to cook more, which it should since I can now see everything I have.  It should also help my grocery shopping.  

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  1. I think you could feed Africa....It looks awesome! Now you can come organize my house:)