My Family

My Family

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The next David Beckham

Bring on the soccer season.  Now the last time we did soccer it was NOT a good season.  All of us could not wait for the season to be over.  This time around it is for Trevor and we gave him the option of soccer or fall tball - he chose soccer.  I don't know much about soccer and I'm really not a fan.  I would much prefer baseball.  We actually had the opportunity to sign up under Sonshine Christian, Trevor's school and his coach works at Sonshine.  Welcome to Team Revolution

His first game was on Saturday, August 24 and he was so excited.  It was actually a jamboree style so 2 30 minute games.

Isn't he just the cutest soccer player?

Now he is definitely not the star player on the team, but he is chasing the ball most of the time (at the back of the pack).  We are very happy that he isn't crying at every little thing and begging to sit down.

Team Revolution with a pregame group huddle

Trevor and Blane are the cutest things out there.  Blane is not yet 4 so he is the smallest one out there but he gets right in there to try and kick the ball.

It has been quite difficult for Brody to sit and watch his brother play.  Lately he has been taking his 3DS and playing it.  However, he watched a little of the first game and is very encouraging to his brother.

Trevor with one his coaches - Coach Brian.

Aren't they the cutest?

He has such a great personality on the field.  He loves to run around trying to kick the ball.  Now there are definitely times when he is clueless on what is going on, but he usually gets right back in there.

Snacks were definitely the highlight of the game.  My kid loves some snacks.

The two girls next to him are the best players on the team.  One is in his class at school and the other is in Kindergarten.

In between the 2 games, we took a break at where else than McDonalds.

His first soccer game was a success and he said he had fun, which is all that mattered.  A great thing about soccer is that the games at this age are only 45 minutes long and either at 8:30 or 10:30, so it doesn't consume your whole day.

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