My Family

My Family

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Garage is all done - almost

We finally were at the point that we were to paint the garage floor.  We purchased the paint way back in June and it has just been sitting there waiting to be used.  The biggest part of this task was getting the floor cleaned.  I knew we had to get this done at the beginning before the floor got too dirty.  We pulled everything out of the garage and put a tarp over it all since it would be there for a few days.

I rented this contraption to attach to the pressure washer to help speed up the cleaning process.  I thought I could do this all by myself while Jason was at work.  However, I couldn't get the wand off the pressure washer to attach the big brush, so thankfully Jason got off work a little early and came home to help.  We were able to get it all cleaned in about 2 hours and we were ready to get it painted the next evening.

Once the kids got in bed that night - a little before 8 that night - we got to the painting.  It actually happened to be a 3 person job.  I was in charge of the regular paint brush around the edges and throwing the flakes, dad did the main rolling and Jason was in charge of getting everything ready and making sure we had everything in place.  We had to work fast so the paint wouldn't dry up - so we had about 2 hours with each gallon.  We went through 3 gallons in 2 hours, so we were going pretty fast.

I am so happy with the finished product.

After a couple of coats of clear protection and 96 hours later, we were ready to bring some stuff in.  The first thing in the new garage was Jason's birthday/Father's Day present - his tool box

My car was so excited to get back in the garage.  There is so much room in it and the next thing on the agenda is to put all of our "stuff" back inside in some organized fashion.

I finally feel closure to this project!!

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