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My Family

Sunday, June 2, 2013

WOW - He's only 3

For Trevor's 3rd birthday he received a Stryder bike which is a bike with no pedals.  You use your feet to push yourself and then lift them to balance and roll.  It took him a few months to get the hang of riding it and when he did he was riding all over the place.  Thanks to a friend of mine, Clair who suggested we do this - what a great idea.

Well, on Thursday, May 15 I thought let's see how he does on Brody's bike.  Now his bike is a 16" compared to Trevor's 12".  Trevor was so excited to give the "big boy" bike a try.  He hopped on and I held the seat for balance and then off he went with no assistance.  I was in shock but so excited.  He was riding away down our road like such a big boy and with a huge grin on his face.

We felt as if we needed to run beside him since the bike was a little big and he couldn't really touch the ground.  We kept telling him to slow down but he quickly said he could ride fast.

Brody was such an encourager through the thing.  He ran along with him and kept telling him what a great job he was doing.  At one time he said "I didn't ride my bike without training wheels until I was almost 6 and Trevor is just 3".  Thankfully he didn't get upset that Trevor was getting all of the attention.

 Now it was mine and Nini's turn to run up and down the road beside him.  This little was guy was fast and was some good exercise for us.

After about 15-30 minutes of doing this, he still never fell and was riding like a champ.  He even was able to get the turn down by the end of evening.  He was so excited when he turned and it just made me so proud.

We knew he needed a smaller bike but certainly didn't want to buy a brand new since he wouldn't be on it too long.  Well, mom immediately got online to look for any yard sales with bikes and found several so the following Saturday we were off with Trevor to find him a new bike.  Boy was he excited.  We found one for $5 at a yard sale that all of the proceeds went to Young Life, a Christian Organization AND we ran into Clair who I haven't seen in over a year (way too long).  Trevor couldn't wait to get home to ride his new wheels.

Here is a little video of him on his new wheels and check out the turning ability for this little 3 year old.

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