My Family

My Family

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Boone, NC - Here we come!!

We set out for Boone, NC on Wednesday, June 12 for a few fun days in the mountains with the Henderson’s and the Fachko’s.  We were staying with Stephanie’s Grammy and Big PawPaw.  We didn’t tell the boys and Stephanie didn’t tell Ava until Wednesday morning when we were leaving because we weren’t absolutely sure if Jason would be able to get off work, but thank goodness he did.

They were all so excited to be going on vacation together and I have to say I was pretty excited as well to be getting away.  We had all the stuff at the house, but thank goodness we left it in good hands with my dad overseeing J

We left around 8:30AM and headed out for our 8-9 hour drive to Boone.  The boys did great on our long drive – thank goodness for technology – Brody with his 3DS and Trevor with his Leappad and of course movies.  How did we ever function traveling without all of this stuff?

Brody using his new magnifying glass from Mrs. Maddox for the summer reading program to read his book.  Brody brought 3 books and they were all ready within the first 10 minutes of our drive.  I guess we should have stopped by the library to get a few more.

After a stop at Chick Fil A – the kids were loving it since they could go and play – we arrived around 6pm and were greeted with open arms from Grammy.  You would have thought we have known her for a long time the way they treated us – we felt just like family.

We got settled in and waited on Big PawPaw to get home so we could go and take a tour of Appalachian  State.  Big PawPaw helps raise money for the athletic program at App State so he and Grammy are the biggest App State fans I have ever seen.  The license plates say Mr Yosef and Ms Yosef, which is ASU’s mascot.  He came home bearing gifts which the kids loved.

The kids couldn’t wait to go run around on the football field, but we first took a tour of the Athletic building.  This place was very nice.  We went to the top floor and saw where the media sits for the games.  What a view.

The weight room

The media room where the players sit and watch gameday film

The locker room – the locker that Big PawPaw bought

Finally on our way to the field

No comments needed

The kids were so excited to run around.  It was nice to let them burn off some energy that had been stored up with the long drive.

Jason and Adam thought they would see how young they really are.  Well, one showed up and the other kept us laughing the entire weekend from his debut.   I guess I’ll go with the motto “what happens in Boone, stays in Boone” – at least for now.  I have proof so they better stay on my good side J  It definitely was the big joke of our trip and I’m sure it will stay around for quite some time.

Off to Big PawPaw’s office – yes, that is a cardboard cut out of him.  It was used for his birthday celebration I think.

Finally settling down for the night with a movie.  They were pretty tired but excited about what all was to come for our next few days

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