My Family

My Family

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Braves Baseball party

Even though our last game was almost 2 weeks ago, Monday, June 10 was the first time we could find to have our baseball party.  Also, we tagged it onto Bradyn’s birthday party weekend so we could just pay a little more for the water slide.  We knew these 11 kids would love having a water slide for their party.

Bradyn spent the night with us Sunday night since I would be keeping him on Monday.  This was Brody’s first sleepover (I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures of them).  However, they did so great and went right to sleep at 10:30 and slept all through the night.  They played very well together and we were so impressed.

All ready for the party to start.

Grady all excited to be on the slide

Everyone was able to make it and seemed to have a great time on both the slide and the pool.

After pizza it was time for awards.  They were all so excited to get their trophies and goodie bags.  These goodie bags were pretty fun to put together and quite easy to make.  Love using my Silhouette.

Brody's buddy - Landon

All ready for their awards.

Coach Keith thought it would be great for them to sign each other's baseballs.  They had a blast going around signing.

Of course a party isn’t complete without cupcakes.  I was pretty tired of making cupcakes after this.  I ended up making 3 dozen because 1 of the dozens I used a cake mix and followed a recipe to make it more like a homemade cupcake – well that was a flop.  I also almost forgot to put butter in another batch – I guess that is what happens when I had so much going on with the house at the time.  Thank goodness I caught it before they went in the oven.

2013 Braves coach pitch team.  What a fun year these kids had and we had such a great team of parents.  This always makes for a great year.  It's aways sad to see the teams that barely have 2 or 3 coaches out there.  We always had these 6, which made it very nice.

Of course I had to make a goodie bag for Trevor for when he got home.  He was very excited and thankful.  He told me several times "thanks mom for my goodie bag".  Melts my heart.

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