My Family

My Family

Monday, June 17, 2013

A trip down memory lane

With building a new garage and closing in our existing one, comes cleaning out the existing attic.  One night everything had to come out and went either in our back office or my dad’s garage.  I'm too embarrassed to even post a picture of our back office so all you get is my dad's garage.  Everything in the middle is from our garage and attic - crazy!!

So I have been trying to go through the stuff and clean it out before it goes into the new garage.  As I was cleaning out one night – Jason and I had a trip down memory lane.  Since we are only a year apart and graduated from the same high school, we are very familiar with most of the same people.  I brought out our Elementary school yearbooks to show Brody.  I showed him several people he knew and he thought it was funny that it was all in black n white – no color like his yearbook.  Wow I felt old.  He was even able to see his Nini when she was a teacher back about 25-30 years ago.  He saw us in 2nd and 3rd grades and of course laughed. 

I also brought out our Middle School and High School yearbooks.  Back in Middle School I had a big “crush” on Jason but he never game me the time of day which I don’t blame him – my hair was hideous – I can’t even put a picture on here.  Let’s just say I should not have had a perm!!  Now I truly understand why our senior girls  in church skip over their middle school years when they submit pictures for our video.  Here are some of the pics I found:

From my softball days - oh what a crew!!

Back in the day, Emily LOVED Cindy Morgan and every trip we want on she always sang her songs.  I thought this was classic to find in my Senior Memories book.

One of my College Spring break trips down to West Palm Beach with my good friend Clair.  We started off in St Augustine at a condo but it was too cold so we drove until it was warm.  We had no reservations but just ended up at some hotel on the beach.  Oh to be so carefree again!!  Yes, we were nerds with our Accounting books on Spring Break studying!!  We needed every bit we could.

I loved looking through my Senior Year Memories book.  I kept everything – from movie ticket stubs to concert stubs and wrote down what everything costs and everything I did.  It was great to look back on it all.

This was my senior year English journal.  I can't believe the stuff I wrote in there, but now it's great to look back at it all.

These were some great memories and I'm glad I have it all even though I don't know who is going to want all of this stuff when I'm gone.  Oh well, it's fun to look at it all now.

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