My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our garage progress

We have definitely had some progress on the garage – thank goodness!!  I am so ready for this to be over and am so excited for my new utility room and pantry.  Maybe our family room won’t look like this anymore.

One Saturday, dad and Jason worked on a concrete slab to put our new tank and water softener.  This was a sight to see.  Only my dad would have an extra 4x4 concrete slab lying around, so they brought it over with the tractor.

They then had to pour an extra 2’ of concrete to the slab. 

We have exterior doors installed and the sheetrock and ceiling is all finished.  It is now ready for me to paint – my fun job starts.  

My indecisive self couldn't make up mind on whether to put in a pocket door or not.  I wanted one, then I said no and then called my framer back for him to come back and put it in.  Yes, he laughed at me and I'm thankful he has a good attitude.  I just blamed it on being a woman :)  This was one of the busiest days - the sheetrock guys were there as well as the framers so I buckled under pressure about the pocket door because so much was going on.  Oh well, it's framed up now so I hope I will love it.

The new garage - ready for brick

Stairs to the storage area :)

Plenty of space for both vehicles and toys

The closed in garage

Hallway to the house

Open area

 I am so ready for this to be all over so I can DEEP CLEAN my house.  Only a few more weeks.

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