My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kindergarten is coming to an end

Wednesday, May 22 was Brody's End of the Year Awards program with the entire Kindergarten.  Brody was pretty excited that Jason was able to make it to this special time as well.  When I dropped Brody off to school that morning I stayed around to get ready for the class party afterwards.  This is the first thing Brody does when he gets into class - my little reader.

For the awards program, each teacher called up their All E and All E/S Honor roll for the year as well as any student who reached their AR goal for the 4th 9 weeks.  Brody was pretty excited for this and especially when he heard his name called.

What a proud mama I was.  He received the All E/S Honor Roll AND the only one in his class to receive a medal for reaching his AR goal.

 Receiving his medal

 Mrs. Proffit's Pufferfish - All E/S Honor Rollers

One of the best things about the day was that we came back to the classroom so Mrs. Proffit could pass out more awards to her students.  As she called them up she would tell a few things about each student and what she enjoyed about each one.

I was a proud mom as she said such good things about Brody.

A class hug.  We are going to miss Mrs. Proffit next year.  She is moving up to 1st grade so there is a chance that we might have her again ( a slim chance).  Brody said he wanted to stay in Prime Time next year, which is the after care put on by the YMCA.  I asked him why and he said so he could see Mrs. Proffit everyday since her room is right across the hall from Prime Time.  I then explained to him that we could stop by and see her anytime he wanted.

Now it was time for the big class gift for Mrs. Proffit.  A few of us parents came up with the idea to all go in together for a huge class gift for Mrs. Proffit.  We collected money from the class and were able to give her a Summer bag full of gift cards for her to use thru the summer as well as a few essential items for the summer (beach chair cover, magazine, and water cooler).  The funniest part about planning this surprise for Mrs. Proffit was hiding her out of her own Facebook page.  Our class has a facebook page, which has been a great resource.  However, I had to send out messages to all of the parents without her knowing and then ending up planning the party the same way.  She had no idea what was going on and even made comments that she was hidden from her own Facebook page - she was such a good sport.

One of my favorite parts of the gift was a photo book that we put together.  Along with pictures from all of our past field trips, parties, etc, I asked parents to have their child write a letter to Mrs. Proffit about what they liked about her and this past year.  We had about 11 students submit letters for the photo book.  It was one of the sweetest things I have seen and something I feel she will be able to keep and look back on and remember her Pufferfish!!

Time for a PARTY!!

They were so excited about their party and couldn't wait.  We had such great parents to work with this past year, I hope I am fortunate enough to have this again for the upcoming year.  I enjoyed helping to plan all the parties especially since the parents were so willing to help out.


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