My Family

My Family

Monday, June 10, 2013

Last day as a kindergartner

Thursday, May 23 was Brody's last day as a Kindergartner.  The official last day of school was the next day, but I figured no big deal if he missed, so we treated Thursday as his last.

First day vs Last day

Our last day with Mrs. Proffit - oh how she will be missed.  Brody absolutely loved her class as you have probably guessed from my recent posts.  Kindergarten is such an important year for kids - they could love or hate it.  Thank goodness Brody loved school.

I told him I would pick him up early from school and we would go celebrate wherever he wanted to eat and this is where he picked.

Brody is getting so big and I think he will be eating me out of my house soon - so glad we are building a new bigger pantry!!

Of course you can't celebrate without ice cream so we tried a new place for us - Tutti Frutti - a frozen yogurt place where you can pick all kinds of toppings.  The boys were in heaven with all of the choices.

There must have been about 6 or 7 different things in there.

It's cooler to wear shades while eating ice cream.

To help us remember his kindergarten year I had him answer a few questions 

I really can't believe my boy is finished with Kindergarten.  He seems so grown up now.  He had such a fun year and we are ready for a funfilled summer!!

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