My Family

My Family

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Welcome to Summer

Brody and Trevor are so excited for the summer and this mama is too - no schedules!!

In order to help us not have a boring summer we made our summer fun list and the boys are so excited to get started on it.

I think a lot of the first part of the summer will be done staying at home keeping a watch on the progress of the garage being built.  One disadvantage of being the contractor!!

However, once it is finished then there will hopefully be lots of going and having fun!!  For now, we are trying to find things to do around the house to have fun.  Of course the first thing they did to celebrate the summer was jump in the pool.  They were so excited to go swimming and they will probably be in the pool about 5 days a week - great way for me to work on my tan (of course with lots of sunscreen).

Our goal is to have Trevor swimming by the end of the summer especially since his vest has come apart and I really don't want to go buy another one.  I was really surprised with Trevor's swimming even the first time he jumped in.  He is finally wearing goggles and is constantly putting his head under the water.  He thinks he is such a big boy until he runs out of energy trying to doggie paddle.  He knows he should put his head under and swim and when he does he is great at it.

Here's to a great summer!!

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