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My Family

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Minute to Win It

This was the theme of Brody's End of the Year party.  Mrs. Proffit and I had discussed several ideas and she came up with having different Minute to Win It games for the kids to race in against 4 other classrooms, which I thought was a great idea.  I'm not really sure the kids understood everything that was going on in the beginning but they quickly caught on.

Quite funny the kids picked their seats - boys on one blanket

Here are most of the relays the kids did.
1) with vaseline on the nose, move cotton balls from one side of the paper to the other
2) pull kleenexes out of the box
3) shake ping pong balls out of a box tied around your waist
4) move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using hands
5) bounce ping pong balls inside a cup
6) unwrap toilet paper rolls
7) blow cotton ball across the table with a straw

Jason stayed around for these relays and we were just holding our breath to see how Brody would react to these if he didn't win or couldn't do the game right.  We tried to prep him ahead of time that it was all for fun and not to take it too seriously.  His first game was of course the hardest one - move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands.  I knew we were in trouble and sure enough within 5 seconds he was mad and said "I'm not doing this" and started crying.

Even though we had some of the other parents telling him it's no big deal and we are here to just have fun, he wasn't happy.  Also one of our mom's, Regina, and I tried to move the cookie to our mouth - I couldn't do it, but Regina actually was able to do it.  She was the ONLY person out of all the kids who was able to do this.  She is such a trooper.

Some of his friends participating in a few other games.

Lawton with vaseline on his nose to move the cotton balls.

Time to pull kleenexes

Kate's turn to pull out kleenexes

Finally Brody calmed down and it was time for his next game - ping pong ball toss.  We knew he would be fine at this.  However, he is so serious!!

His last game was the toilet paper roll - ALL SERIOUS!!

I think the kids had a blast doing these different games and it was a great idea that Mrs. Proffit came up with.  I will definitely miss her creativity next year - but hey there is still a chance we could get her for first grade :)

When we got home that day, there was a special surprise waiting for Brody for his good grades this year - Epic Mickey game for the Wii.  He was one happy boy.

We are so proud of the awesome grades he had this past year - All E/S Honor Roll - he had All E's the 2nd - 4th 9 weeks so he improved his S's.

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