My Family

My Family

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beach with friends

After a fun day at the zoo we headed to the beach the next day with Stephanie, Lisa and their kids.  Lisa has 2 boys a little older than my 2, so I knew they would get a long great.  Of course Ava was the only girl, but she is such a trooper and gets a long with everyone. 

Due to me contracting out our addition, I had to stay around to meet the inspector – which we passed with flying colors!!  After grabbing some lunch, we arrived at the beach about 12:30 for a funfilled day of sun and fun.  

They immediately hit the water with strict rules not to go pass their knees especially since it was a red flag  and it was high tide.  Trevor played a little while but I could tell he didn’t feel right and seemed pretty tired.  Maybe it was the part where he just laid down in the sand.  I laid out the mat and covered him up with the towel and he was out for 1 ½ hours.  

I was pretty happy since I now only had to watch 1 child in the water.  The beach is no longer a relaxing place to be with 2 boys who love the water.  With Jason being a lifeguard he has put the fear in me about the ocean and I need to keep close eyes on them at all times.  It makes me nervous especially since the water looked very rough.

The good thing about the summer – NO AGENDA which meant we didn’t have a certain time to get home.  Before we realized it, it was 4:00.  The weather was great, which meant I got a little too much sun.  I did apply sunscreen but probably needed to reapply.  We left at the perfect time, because it started to rain as we got back to the car.

A perfect day at the beach!!

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