My Family

My Family

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Enjoying our summer so far

Although I have had to stay around the house quite a bit for the first couple of weeks of our summer vacation, we still have enjoyed sleeping late and playing around the house.  We have made donuts, which the boys love to shake them in the powdered sugar.  I’m not sure they enjoy eating them so much though – but I did J

My boys are really into not wearing shirts lately!!

Shake, shake, shake

The final product

We also had breakfast for dinner, which the boys love!!  Nothing better than chocolate chip pancakes for them.

They can be so sweet sometimes - Summertime means being up late at night.

Late nights also mean that sometimes we are so tired that we fall asleep wherever we can.  This night Trevor got out of bed and decided to fall asleep in the living room - we didn't even hear him.

Since Trevor didn’t go to VBS anymore, we decided to meet up with Jason for dinner one night and then do a little shopping for lights for the new addition.  I asked Trevor where he wanted to eat and I was shocked that he picked my favorite restaurant – Tijuana Flats – what a sweet kid.

The boys also found a new thing to do – search for tadpoles/minnows in our ditch.  I had these butterfly nets and they put them to good use.  They thought it was the best thing ever.

Even though we aren't going lots of places this summer, the boys seem to be enjoying just staying at home - thank goodness.

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