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My Family

Monday, June 17, 2013

Welcome the Dinosaurs

Thursday, May 30, we took our first zoo trip of the summer.  Since we have an annual pass we plan to make many trips there.  Good thing with a pass is you don’t have to stay too long and feel that you didn’t get your money’s worth. 

I thought this would be a perfect time to go to the zoo because Duval county was still in school so I thought it wouldn’t be too crowded – well I was wrong.  We drove up to 3-4 school busses in the parking lot, which held 13-16 year olds – OH MY!!  Well we were there to see the dinosaurs and I was determined to see them since they wouldn’t be there much longer.

We had a few stops before we got to the dinosaurs.  The one on the right is the baby cub

I didn't take a picture of the monkeys but these big fellows were the loudest I have ever heard them.  At first I thought it was a recording but then I saw them swinging in the trees and realized it was actual monkeys.  They were so loud!!

The last time we saw them neither one of the boys were too fond of these big creatures, but this time at least Brody was all into it.  He was naming all of them and pronouncing them with no problem.  Trevor on the other hand still didn’t want much to do with these animals.  Their noises were a little too much for him, which is why there is only 1 picture with him in it.  Brody tried real hard to get Trevor to take pictures but no way!!

My little monkeys

Trevor really did go with us to see the dinosaurs.

Last year Brody rode Happy Feet at 4D ride and loved it, however, Trevor was too short.  Ever since then that is all Trevor has talked about so we were hoping he would tall enough this year.  He was about 1 inch too short but the guy let him ride for free but his chair wouldn’t move.  I was ok with that because he at least could watch it. 

This 4D was Ice Age – Dinosaurs, which the boys love Ice Age.  Once the movie started, the guy leaned up to me and said if I kind of hold on to him then he will let our car move – SURE.  They loved every minute of it.  I’m not sure they felt the little bit of water that came up since their legs aren’t quite long enough, which was probably a good thing.  

One good thing about the zoo is the splash park especially in the summer time.  Unfortunately it was a little crowded so we didn’t stay too long, but they had fun getting wet for a few minutes anyway

Our last treat was of course a snowcone.  Each time we go to the zoo, I give the boys a choice of 2 items that cost money.  They have always chosen one of them to be a snowcone.  Trevor and I usually share but I think gone are those days – so we all had our own.  I love to see the 2 of them compromise to come up with their 2 items.  This time it was a snowcone and the 4D ride (the dinosaur exhibit didn’t count since it would be leaving in a few weeks).  

One last stop by Florida

This was also the first time I brought them both to the zoo without a stroller – it actually felt pretty good and much easier than I thought. – just a backpack.  Wow, they are getting older L  Since I didn’t have a lot of room, I didn’t pack a lunch so I told them we would grab lunch somewhere afterwards.  Thankfully I talked them into my favorite – Tijuana Flats and they were great!!

What a wonderful day we had and we marked something off our Summer Fun List!!  

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