My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PJ Day

Wouldn't we all just love to wear pj's all day everyday?  I know there are days that I would and some days Trevor actually does - that's the beauty of staying home :)

Part of the kindergarten's Christmas celebration was Polar Express Day.  This is where the kids wore their pj's and watched the movie Polar Express.  Brody was so excited about this day - one because he loves his cool pj's and 2 because he loves the movie Polar Express.

In Mrs. Proffit's class she was having hot chocolate and the class also had a special delivery from Santa.  The box showed up at the front office and when it made it down to the class for the kids to open, inside there were bells that were still cold from the North Pole.  Brody thought it was the coolest thing ever.

This is why I love Mrs. Proffit.  She is so creative and isn't afraid to think outside the box and do cool and different things with "her babies".  We are so blessed to have her this year.

I picked him up early from school that day just because I could :) and we headed to Target to do a little Christmas shopping for Jason from them.  I'm not sure why our elementary school didn't have a Christmas store, but we worked it out anyway.  I decided to take both boys to Target and let them pick out a gift for their daddy.  I gave them each some money and off we went.

With lots of things thrown out there as ideas, I did try to wheel them in a few times to help them stay on track.  You'll find out in a few posts what the boys picked out as their specials gifts for their daddy.

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