My Family

My Family

Monday, January 7, 2013

Celebrating Brody's birthday

Brody's actual birthday was on Sunday so we had church that morning.  He was dressed so handsome and stylish - thanks to his Nana for the cool gig shirt.

After church we along with Nini and Papa took Brody out for his birthday lunch at Zaxby's.  This is a great place for us all to eat - fast and Trevor will sometimes eat the food.

It was then time to pick out our Christmas tree.  Yes we still buy a real tree.  I keep thinking I'm going to get an artificial one but Jason doesn't seem to think they are full enough as a real one.  It's also been a tradition for us all to go and pick it out.  I remember even when we were first married, it was a big deal for us to go and pick out the tree together.  

Jason explaining what we look for in finding the perfect tree.

"Is this the one?"

We found it!!  Brody actually picked it out all by himself.

One tired birthday boy

Brody had one more celebration that night - the big kids were coming over for a party.  Brody loves when they come over so of course he thought they were coming over for his birthday.  Our seniors are so good with Brody and Trevor.

They love Devin - I guess since he dresses up with them and has light saber battles.

These kids love Just Dance 4.  They even got us hooked on it that we went out and bought it.

 Then a little basketball.  These guys love to talk trash, but I am happy to say that the older guys won.

I'm sure there is a foul in there somewhere.

Big smiles on the older guys faces.

My big 6 year old had a huge celebration of a day.  He was so excited all day!!

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