My Family

My Family

Monday, January 7, 2013

Family Pics

It always seems so crazy around this time of year, and of course every year I say I’m going to start earlier to get things done.  Well, this year was not that year.  I really didn’t know when or how I was going to get a family picture.  I knew the professional ones would not work – too expensive and with 2 boys it could get crazy.  All I needed was 1-3 good shots.  I thought I would just get a picture at Brody’s birthday party but that didn’t happen so I was trying not to stress.

I remembered my uncle use to take my  picture around our house all the time so since he was back in town, what a great person to just stop by one afternoon and snap some pictures of my crazy family. 

Since it was all last minute – no time to shop for clothes so I was just hoping we all something that looked decent in our closets.  Of course the weather could have been better but we just had to go with it.

Boys will be boys

A slight injury while trying to pose for a picture - flipped over the green bars behind him.  Thank goodness he is tough.

Showing off his playground skills.

Deep conversation

Thankfully we got a few good shots that we were able to use for our Christmas card.  Within the next week they were ordered and received in the mail ready to be mailed out – don’t you just love technology.

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