My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Sunday

So Sunday's are always crazy around our house - trying to get all 4 of us dressed and out the door to make it to Sunday School by 9:00 is a challenge.  It's amazing how everything seems to go wrong on Sunday mornings - the kids always sleep late and don't want to get up even though Saturday mornings they are up at 7AM.

Anyway, the Sunday before Christmas was not much different.  However, we did make it on time and were able to grab a couple of pictures.

There was no childcare for Brody during the church service so he sat with us which is always interesting.  At the beginning of the service Bro. Lynn had all of the children go to the stage to talk to them about the true meaning of Christmas.

 Check out Brody - the only one standing right next to Bro. Lynn.

Brody was able to last about 15 minutes of the preaching and then he wanted to lay down which meant he started snoring and you wouldn't want that during the service because he is loud!  Jason just went ahead and took him out so he didn't go to sleep.  This is when I am very thankful for our Children's Department.

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