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My Family

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brody's 6 year check up

Ever since Brody had his 5 year old check up where he received several shots, he knew that he wouldn't be receiving shots again until he was 11 so we thought this would be an easy visit.  I am so thankful that Jason works near the doctor's office and is able to go to all of the checkups.

Brody had his hearing and eye test and mastered the hearing but wasn't quite 20/20 for the eyes - I hope he isn't going to take after his blind mom.  All was good as we went into the room until the nurse said oh yeah he will need to get his cholesterol checked which meant little finger prick.  Oh my you would have thought they said they were going to have to cut his arm or something.  After the longest 5-10 minutes of my life where there was screaming, tears and 3 people holding him down and 2 pricks later we were all done.  Boy was I glad Jason was there.  I know people thought we were a little strange having both mom and dad there for a 6 year old well check appointment.  After that fiasco the nurse said you better bring grandma and grandpa the next time.

His stats were 48" tall and 50 pounds.

He didn't want a bandaid - he hates bandaids!!  Then once he got the bandaid he didn't want it off.  It's a no win situation.

Once we were all done we headed to lunch at The Loop where my boy slurped down an Oreo milkshake - what a healthy lunch.

One tired little boy after a "rough" check up.

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