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My Family

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A funfilled theme park weekend - Part 1

The second weekend of December we packed up and headed south to Tampa for Busch Gardens and LegoLand with the Cruce's following behind us.  We tried to make this trip back in November but circumstances came up beyond our control so thankfully we were able to reschedule to the crazy and busy month of December.

5:30AM came awfully early Saturday morning, but thankfully the boys fell back asleep until we stopped for breakfast.  The 3 kids were so excited and couldn't wait to spend 2 days at theme parks together.  The weather was perfect - it actually got a little warm at times.

Our first stop on Saturday was Busch Gardens and Brody and Baylie were so excited because this year they were tall enough to ride the Cheetah.  Brody loved it but Baylie not so much, but she was a trooper and rode it again with her mom.

Trevor hung out with me and Tracy while the others rode the Cheetah the first time.

 The dads rode the Cheetah again since there wasn't a line and the rest of us explored some of the animals.

Finally time to ride some of the kiddy rides at least some that Trevor could ride too.

Isn't this the cutest little face.

We've been to Busch Gardens a couple of times but never gone to see the tigers.  This was a really cool area.

Right before these 4 heads peeked up here, the tiger above was sitting on top of the box - the kids would have loved that.

Time for the HUGE play area.

Trevor hanging out with me and Tracy while we waited on the others to ride the zip line flyers since B & B are tall enough now.

Time for a log flume, while John and I rode the straight down Sheikra, which is AWESOME!!!

They got a little wet, but thankfully not too bad.

A few pictures with all of the cool Christmas decorations.

My cutie with Elmo and Big Bird.  Thank goodness he isn't too big yet to take pictures with characters.

For some reason John had his tablet with him in his backpack so this is what we see him doing.

They have the best little Sesame Street area for little kids.  It's sad but Brody and Baylie are almost getting too big for it, but Trevor still enjoyed it.

Waiting on John and Tracy while they rode their one last ride - Sheikra.

They kids had so much fun but were so tired.  When we left at 5:00 they immediately fell asleep when we started driving.  We stopped to eat at Outback for a yummy meal and Trevor continued to sleep.  However, once he got up his meal consisted of a bowl of croutons.  Yeah, that's my healthy boy.

We were all so ready for showers and a bed to get rested up for Day 2 at Legoland.

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