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My Family

Sunday, January 13, 2013

LegoLand - Day 2

We woke up Sunday morning and headed north about an hour to LegoLand.  Thanks to Tracy for the free tickets.  For some reason LegoLand sent her 4 free tickets to be used before the end of the year.  The last time we went to LegoLand, we thought it would be our last.  The park is good, but it's pretty pricy to get in for the hours they operate 10-5.  I would rather pay the high price and get more time to play at Disney World, but Tracy came through with free tickets so free is always good.

The boys loved LegoLand the last time we went so they were pretty excited to go back and this time they had a mini Star Wars land, which really excites my boys.  Poor Baylie - not so much!!

We arrived just after they opened and were ready for a day of fun.

Poinsettia man

Our first stop was the Dragon roller coaster that Trevor was even able to ride.  He actually liked this one.

My kids loved to ride the rides with "Uncle" John and Tracy.  Brody was all ready to beat me and Daddy on this shooting game.

Brody thought he would race us with Tracy - maybe he thought she needed help driving.

Not so sure they were doing too well at this point.  At the end of the boat ride Tracy and Brody ran into the corner and were having a difficult time trying to pull in to park - never a dull moment.

 Time to drive.  He was so excited to drive his own car.  Some girl in another car drove next to him and he told her, I'm winning.  She said no, it's actually a tie.  Needless to say he did beat her.  That's my competitive child.

Official driver's license.

Brody and Baylie on the bigger cars where you have traffic lights, stop and yield signs.

One day my little man will get to ride the real one of these, but for now we just enjoyed sitting in it and then off to find some lego characters to take pictures with while the big kids rode the real thing.

LegoLand has an area where you can build a race car and then test it out.  There were serious people in there with some good cars, we were learning.

Little man could have spent a long time in there just playing with Legos.

We visited NYC

Time for Star Wars mini land

This looks so real - Darth Maul

While Brody and Baylie rode the jousting horses, Trevor played in the play area which made him a happy camper.

 Time for more rides

5:00 came early, but I think we were all pretty exhausted and ready to head home.

We grabbed some dinner and ate on the road and were back home around 8:30 to start the week.  We had a great time and the boys had so much fun spending the 2 days at parks with Baylie.

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