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My Family

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Around the World

Brody celebrated Christmas at school by having Christmas Around the World.  This is where each of the kindergarten classes went around to different classrooms and learned how 6 countries celebrate Christmas.  Mrs. Proffit's class was to teach about Mexico.  I was very blessed to be able to volunteer in his classroom for the day.

Mrs. Proffit had 6 parents volunteering so a few of us stayed in the class to help out as the other classes came to learn about Christmas in Mexico.  Tony and Edie Mikus taught the kids and Tony played guitar while the kids sang "Feliz Navidad" as well as played maracas.  It was definitely the liveliest classroom of them all and I was singing Feliz Navidad for the next week.

After the students learned about Mexico, Germany, Austrailia, and Italy we all headed to the cafeteria where they sang songs they had learned in music class.

Time to get ready for their Christmas party in the afternoon.  Check out our great spread.  We have some great parents which makes for a fun year.

So a few weeks before the party, Mrs. Proffit tagged me a in a pinterest post asking if I could make these pinata cookies.  Of course - I'm always up for a challenge.  Well, I definitely didn't realize what all I was getting into.  She originally wanted one for each of the 120 kids coming to learn about Mexico, but we quickly changed that to just our class.

My other contribution in case the star pinatas weren't a hit.

The problem with these cookies is that there is a lot of waste and they don't taste all that great.  Needless to say I didn't keep the recipe.

After they ate and ate - Brody wanting one of everything but of course he didn't eat much of his plate, it was off to craft stations.

 We had a great little group to go around to each of the craft stations.  The kids made 5 ornaments, which took some parent help as well.

Hunter and Brody making their candy cane ornament.

Present time.  Each of the kids were asked to bring in a wrapped book.  Mrs. Proffit then passed them out so each student received a new book to take home.

Giving Mrs. Proffit her Christmas present - lotion, glue sticks and an Old Navy gift card.

To go along with our Mexico theme, we bought a couple of pinatas for the kids to break open.  The first one we put their "Popcorn words".  These are their sight words.  Of course we didn't tell them what was inside but played it up pretty big that it was full of candy.  They were so excited when it broke open and they dove right after the "candy".

Brody was one of the first ones to grab the sight words.  It took a little while for the kids to realize it wasn't candy.

We then brought out the real pinata full of candy.

My sweet boy who I was able to spend the entire day with at school.

Brody and Kate - Kate's mom and Jason graduated together so we figured one day this may appear in their senior yearbook!!

Brody was so excited with his Christmas Around The World celebration and I was so happy to have been able to spend the day with him.

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