My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drive #1 to see Christmas Lights

Stephanie had mentioned that Stephen Foster State Park had Christmas Lights and it was one of the top things to do in our area so we took this as an opportunity for a road trip.  We found a date that worked for the Henderson's and us and even though it was a school night we thought it would still be ok.  We met Jason after work around 5:30 and all drove together about an hour and half west.

After a slight detour to look for food which we didn't find we finally arrived to see the lights.  We drove around the little area to see all the lights and then we got out and walked around a little.

Taking in the model trains.

Enjoying the "snow"

Overall the lights were ok, but not really worth the drive for us.  The kids enjoyed spending time together and we enjoyed the company.  All of us in one vehicle was quite enjoyable.  We finally made it to "Welcome to Moes" and Brody and Trevor were out pretty quickly and Ava joined them a little later.

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