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My Family

Monday, October 1, 2012

"All In" for our new seats

We have big changes for our local Jacksonville Jaguars this year - new coach and new owner!!  The city seems pretty excited about all of the changes and of course hope the team does better this year.  The new slogan for the year is "All In" - definitely trying to promote ticket sales.

Well, we are "All In" with our season tickets and this year were able to move down a few rows and sit right next to Adam and Stephanie.  Jason and I both benefit from this - I can talk to Stephanie about non football stuff if we get bored and Jason and Adam can chat about what all is going wrong or good with the team!!

A couple of weeks ago was our season opener.  

This year they started having the players walk through the fans.  This happens to be right through the area where we walk to get to our seats.  Since we go to church and are usually walking into the stadium right when the National Anthem is being sung, this has caused a little bit of a hitch.  They rope off the section about 15 minutes before kickoff and if we don't get across before that then we will miss kickoff.  This may not seem like a big deal to most, but to Jason and Adam it is a BIG deal!!

Thankfully we were able to get across this game and had a great view of the players.

And in time for the National Anthem and the HUGE and LOUD flyover.

This isn't the best picture, but they recognized Sonja Richards-Ross at this game.  She won several medals at this past Olympics and her husband happens to play for the Jags.  She is down on the field with our mascot Jaxson in his Olympic attire thinking about racing her - he passed and got scared.

Although we lost and it rained some, Stephanie and I still had a great time chatting in between plays!!  Ava was even able to get a nap in.

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