My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Disney Trip - Day 1

For the past few years we have gone to Disney in November, well this year Brody had a couple of days off in October and I thought I would change it up so Friday, October 12 we packed up and headed south.  Our first stop was Aquatica since we tried to go a few weeks earlier but Brody got sick that morning.  Brody was so excited because he was taller this year and would be able to ride more slides.

Here's the first big ride that Brody had been dying to ride for the past year. 

Jason and Brody on their way down

Then it was mine and Brody's turn - yeah I didn't quite close my eyes fast enough and my contacts were pretty much ruined for the rest of the day.

Here's where we spent a lot of time.  Brody especially enjoyed running all around the big splash park area.  It was difficult to keep up with him because the water was a little too chilly for Jason or I to go up there.  Trevor on the other hand enjoyed just staying down at the bottom.

He did his fare share of spraying people with the water blaster.

Showing off his muscles.

So happy

My boys are getting so big, they were able to take the raft up to the slide by themselves this year - yeah sniff, sniff

Such big boys.  This was a great kiddy area for Trevor, but Brody is almost too big for it.

Right up his alley just floating around and having fun.

Didn't take long for him to pass out on a chair with me towards the end of the day.  This lasted for over an hour, when I finally had to wake him up.

What a great fun day at Aquatica.  The weather was great - a little cool for us at times but no rain so it was great.

Dinner at Outback after the park and Chocolate Thunder to celebrate.  This boy can eat some dessert.  I had to stop trying to feed Trevor because Brody was eating it too fast and I was losing my part.

They were 2 tired boys but were pretty excited to get to our hotel - which they didn't know anything about.

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