My Family

My Family

Monday, October 29, 2012

Relaxing day #1

Our Disney season passes are only good for weekdays so we had Saturday and Sunday to hang out at the resort and explore Orlando.  Saturday morning we woke up and actually ventured to Millenia Mall to take advantage of a Friends and Family discount at PotteryBarn Kids.  Somebody is getting a room makeover soon :)

We stopped in at Macy's for some quick shopping for Jason and here's what the boys did.  Thank goodness for our phones.

They were so excited to venture out to the Big Blue pool which is the biggest pool at the resort.

Our first stop was the craft station to make animal masks.

It was then time to play.  First in the splash area.

The boys played a few games that were going on with the resort.

Brody did great hula hooping

Then Critter Capture where they threw hundreds of little plastic critters in the water and the kids went after them.  Brody did pretty good and had lots of fun.

Trevor on the other hand didn't do so well but at least he tried.

After all of their critters.

A little hot potato with water balloons.

A few more pics from around the hotel - Crush

A little play area that the kids loved

It was then time to get ready for our Pirate Adventure that night.

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