My Family

My Family

Monday, October 1, 2012

Aquatica ready

A couple of Friday's ago we were planning on going down to Aquatica near Sea World. We went last year and the boys had a blast so Jason took off work and we were ready to go. We woke up at 6:30 and got dressed. I went in to wake Brody up and he actually had a fever. Ugggg!!!

We had to change our plans and we all stayed home. All we needed was to get down there and he still not feel good.  Brody was so disappointed and really wanted to still go. We kept assuring him that we would try and make it again especially since Jason and I bought our tickets online the night before.

Brody was pitiful all day.  He was so bummed because he also missed the Family Fun Night at the church that night.  Jason took Trevor and they watched a movie and had popcorn and who knows what sugary foods they had.  I told Brody that he could have his own Movie Night with popcorn.  Here is where he laid for 1 maybe even 2 movies.  Good fun!!

Thankfully he just ran a fever all day and never anything else.  It ended up a yucky weekend because we stayed home all day Saturday and Sunday.  Talk about being stir crazy so come Monday Brody was feeling much better and he went off to school and Trevor and I hit the road to get out of the house to run some errands.

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