My Family

My Family

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life lately

I am really enjoying being home these days. I try hard to keep Trevor busy so we are usually driving to Jacksonville at least twice a week - there is only so much I can stay home.

Off to PetsMart

Lunch outside at Qdoba after Story Time at Pottery Barn Kids.

We enjoy picnics outside especially since the weather is getting to be nice.

Even homework is done outside.

We've been supporting our Jags still even though they are terrible right now. A couple of Sunday's ago the Jags honored our all time leading rusher Fred Taylor. He played for us for 10 years. We of course like him because he is a former Florida Gator.

Former Jag players - Mark Brunnell, Keenan McCardell, Kyle Brady and many others.

Brody is loving school and is reading like crazy. Mrs Proffit has them read every night for 15 minutes and they also have to read a small book to the parents and then they get a bead for a necklace when they read t the next day to Mrs Proffit.  He is reading on a 3rd grade level.

All ready for church one morning.  I wonder how long they will let me dress them alike?

Jason broke out the ping pong table one day last week - thanks to the constant begging from Brody.

Practicing their fishing skills

Off to Nini and Papa's for some baseball practice.

Trevor didn't want to stay focused - wait when does he ever!!

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