My Family

My Family

Monday, October 29, 2012

A new hotel

Since we would be staying in Orlando for 5 nights, I really wanted to stay on Disney property to let the kids enjoy one of the hotels.  The past 2 times we stayed on property we didn't get to enjoy the hotel because we were gone all day to the parks, which I felt was a waste of money.  Disney opened up a new hotel within the last couple of months and I thought the kids would love it - Art of Animation.

They have family suites with Nemo, Lion King and Cars themes.  They also have normal rooms with The Little Mermaid theme.  When I booked our room I booked The Little Mermaid room - because they were a lot cheaper.  However, as we drove down I began to rethink my decision and when I arrived I changed the room to the family suite Cars.  I just had a feeling after 5 nights in a small standard room someone might not make it home or we would be ready to go home after 1 or 2 nights.

We were assigned the Mater tower and as we walked up to it, the boys kept saying "this is the coolest hotel and I am the best mom ever".  Oh yeah I was doing a happy dance!!  They were even more excited once they saw the room.

This came down into a bed and the boys slept here.

The sofa came out into a bed but we didn't need that.

2 baths - this was the boys.

Everything in the room looked like a garage.  They thought it was so cool.

After we got settled in Friday night we took a walk around the hotel to check it out and to check out Cinderella being played in the Lion King area.  Lion King has become one of their favorite movies.  It happens to be the movie in the car dvd player so they have probably watched it about 25 times and are starting to quote and sing the songs.  Here's a few pictures of the Lion King area.

This was a play area - Elephant graveyard.

Then back to the Cars area.  In between the 3 Cars towers, they recreated Radiator Springs, which my boys loved.

Right outside our tower - Mater Tower

Inside our tower

The registration area is called Animation Hall with huge pictures of Cars, Lion King, Nemo and The Little Mermaid.

I would say the hotel was definitely a big hit with the kids.  They thought it was the coolest thing ever - which put a check on my list!!

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