My Family

My Family

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ordination Service

Sunday morning, September 30 Jason was ordained as a deacon in our church.  A deacon is chosen by the members of the church and helps the pastor make decisions and lead the church in the way God should have us go.  It is such an honor to be ordained as a deacon as well as a humbling experience.

There were 3 men who were ordained that morning and all of our families sat down front for the service.  As Bro. Lynn preached the sermon, I was so proud to have a husband who loves God, his family and his church and that he is willing to serve God by being a leader in our church.  I also sat there and thought, wow am I really ready to be a deacon's wife?

Excuse the animals in the background because according to Bro. Lynn they are past deacons.  No really, the Beast Feast was held the Thursday and Friday before and there wasn't enough time to get them out before the service.  I guess it adds some character!

The service was also extra special that we were able to share it with John and Tracy because John was one of the three men ordained that morning.

The service was so nice and I am very thankful for the friends and family who came to show their love and support for Jason.  I am also thankful for Jason and the role that God has called him for in our church.  I am so blessed to have such a Godly man as a husband and a father to our boys- so proud of you!!

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