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My Family

Saturday, October 27, 2012

First Field Trip

Thursday, October 11 was Brody's first field trip.  To say he was excited was an understatement.  When the paperwork came home about the field trip, his first words were "I get to ride a school bus".  Yeah, I think he would have been fine with wherever they went as long as they were on the school bus.

The trip was to Conner's A Maize ing Acres corn maize.  He couldn't wait so getting him up that morning was no problem at all - not that it is usually difficult to get him up in the morning. I was especially thankful to be a stay at home mom this morning because I was going as a chaperone on the field trip.  We were planned to leave at 9:15, but I guess trying to organize 11 classes (Kindergarten & 1st grade) to get on a bus can be difficult, so we pulled out at 9:40.  Thankfully, Mrs. Proffit's class has a lot of involved parents so we had 10 parents chaperoning which meant there wasn't room for us on the bus so we drove separately but not before getting on the bus to take a picture of my excited little Kindergartener.

Wow at all of the people at the corn maize.  Mr. Conner started off with a little talk to the kids - I don't think he really had their attention especially after the first 5-7 minutes of talking - they were all just ready to run free.

Mrs. Proffit's class headed off first to the corn maize and we split into 2 groups.  Thankfully the corn wasn't too high so we were able to find our way through the maize because we didn't too well with the clues - we answered them correctly but we couldn't find the numbered posts.

Everyone seemed hungry afterwards so we decided it was time for lunch.

After lunch the activities included the pumpkin patch so the kids could get small pumpkins that they are planning to cut the top off and then put potting soil in it and see what happens.

Hayride time - The kids saw pigs and goats and were able to feed the cows.  Before going on this field trip, I really thought Brody would be underneath me the entire time, but that was definitely not the case because he didn't even want me sitting by him on the hayride - he thinks he is such a big boy.

Finally the kids were able to ride the cow train and they were so excited.

Brody could have ridden home with me but oh no he wanted to ride the school bus back to school.

It was a great first field trip and I'm pretty sure Brody is already dreaming of his next field trip.

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