My Family

My Family

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A new venture

Lately I have been really wanting to have some spiritual ladies time.  I love my boys but there comes a time when I just need some girl time.  Last Tuesday as Trevor and I were running errands, I sent a text to one of my good friends.  She goes to River City Church which is a church that really reaches out to the community with such things as Street Corner Ministry, minister to the inner city and just do things outside the box and they usually have a women's Bible study going on.  I asked her if there were any ladies/ Bible studies going on and she said actually one started up the week before called Knit Together and I should really try it out.  They even have childcare, so it was a great opportunity.  I was pretty excited but at the same time nervous about going somewhere where I knew no one.

To be honest I tried to think of every excuse as to why not to go - too far, didn't know anyone, but I guess it was the Lord helping me realize that I needed something like this in my life.  Trevor and I headed over to JTB & 95 for something way out of my comfort zone.  When I arrived I was greeted with open arms and of course everyone knew my friend, Clair who had asked me to come even though she couldn't be there.

I dropped Trevor off and he went right into his class like it was no big deal - not that I had any doubts that this wouldn't happen.  As I went into where the Bible study was being held, I was definitely made feel welcome.  There were about 40-50 ladies and the Bible study is on the Parables in Luke.

Kathi spoke for about 20-30 minutes about things in our "barn" that we hold onto and idolize but as a result don't let go and trust God  - ie "stuff" we store up like- do you like your stuff so much that it is hindering you from doing something for Jesus and keeping you from trusting Him.  After the study, we broke up into small groups of about 8 people and we answered a few questions about what we had just heard - just to try and and get everyone to talk.  I felt very comfortable in talking in my group and learned a few things about myself that I need to work on.

I'm really excited about this group and when I picked up Trevor he had a great time and even got a snack - what a win!!

I'm looking forward to this Bible Study each week and what God can teach me.

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