My Family

My Family

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pirate Saturday

Last Saturday the weather was beautiful and I wanted all of us to go off and do something fun together.    A couple of months ago I had purchased a deal for the Pirate Museum down in St Augustine.  I thought it would be a lot of fun since both the boys are loving pirates right now.  I love to try and keep surprises from them and not tell them where we are going, but Brody hates surprises and the entire trip to St Augustine he begged to find out where we were going.

Once we arrived to the museum, they were SO EXCITED to see all of the pirate paraphernalia. Of course they wanted EVERYTHING in the store.  We held them off for a little while since it was time to go on the museum tour.

These pictures aren't great because no flash was allowed so I just used my phone camera.

Learning about the different pirates.

Trying to learn how to tie different type of knots.

This was the pirate sleeping quarters and this guy had one eye open and his chest was actually moving up and down like a real pirate.

Raising and lowering the sail

Captain Brody

There was a section where you go into a dark room and put on headphones to listen to one of Blackbeard's stories.  The boys did really great through it until Jason touched Brody's ear.  He wasn't trying to scare him, but Brody jumped and was done listening.

One heavy musket

Checking out the treasure

So, of course after the tour we were in the gift shop again.  They must have picked up everything.  Trevor ended up with a treasure box with a few "treasures" inside and Brody picked out a compass.  He was so excited about the compass and as we walked through St. Augustine he would tell us which direction we were going. 

Finding somewhere for us to eat in downtown St Augustine always seems to be a challenge.  We definitely have to have a restaurant that is kid friendly and it seems that most of the restaurants in the area aren't that especially for my "sweet" Trevor who doesn't like to eat and thinks he must always get up and play!!  Thankfully we found a pizza place that worked out great.

After a quick stop at the outlets we were on our way home.  It was a wonderful day with the family and the boys did great and is continuing to talk about the pirate museum.

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