My Family

My Family

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sweet Pete's

Thursday, April 11, Brody's class went on their last field trip for their Kindergarten year.  We headed to Sweet Pete's candy shop and our first stop was to watch Pete make candy.  Mrs. Proffit's and Ms. Bashom's class all sat down and were ready to learn.

 Pete getting the taffy candy ready

Time to start pulling the candy

Once the taffy was all stretched it was time for each of the kids to have a piece and do their own stretching.

All of his taffy cut and wrapped up.

We then headed upstairs for a little movie on how candy is made.  Now this didn't keep their attention very well, but not sure that anything would have with all of the candy in their hands.

Mrs. Proffit's class on the front porch

We then headed to Confederate Park for lunch.  We only had about 30 minutes to eat, so not much time to play.

When we left there was a cool little playground area off to the side so there were a few of us parents who were taking our kids home decided to take the kids over to play.  It was a little warm so they got pretty sweaty quickly, but they had a blast.

It was a pretty good field trip and of course we came home with a couple boxes of extra candy that Brody picked out for he and Trevor.

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