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My Family

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Read In

Brody's school really stresses their Accelerated Reader Program - actually it is big at all of our schools.  This is where the student reads a book and then takes a 5 question test on it.  As Kindergarteners, it is not for a grade but the teachers are prepping them for what is coming later.

Mrs. Proffit held a Read In on Thursday, May 2.  This is where the kids got to wear their pj's and bring in a favorite stuffed animal.  They would be reading books to their stuffed animal and then taking the AR test on the book.  That afternoon they would watch a movie and have popcorn.

Brody was pretty excited to bring Yoda into school that day.

I am so proud of how well Brody is reading.  He is on a 2.6 - 3.7 reading level (which means a 2nd - 3rd grade level)  and loves to go to the library to check out books.  The one thing we have to work on with him is getting him to read slower so he can comprehend what he is reading - he reads way too fast!!  What a problem to have in kindergarten.  I am just thankful that he enjoys it.  When we can't find him in the house, he has usually grabbed a book and is reading away in his room.

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