My Family

My Family

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A busy Saturday

A couple of weeks ago, Brody had a baseball game on a Saturday morning.  He is still enjoying playing, but the team isn't having such a great season.  We've only won about 2 games, but thankfully the kids are still enjoying playing.

Brody and Bradyn

Ava, Stephanie and Adam came out to see Brody play one of his games and Brody was so excited to have them there.

While Brody is playing baseball, Trevor is all over the place and the fans all know him and love him - but how can you not love this little face.

When we got home, we had a little demolition to take care of.  This is our brick pump house that had to come down because it is a little too big next to the new garage.  Brody was itching to get a try at the sledge hammer.  He actually did pretty good with it.

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