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My Family

Friday, May 3, 2013

Baseball update

We are still going strong with baseball.  It's amazing how different this year is from last year.  Last year by this time he was ready to end the season and wasn't enjoying going to games.  This year he is so excited to go to a game and can't wait to play.  The position he mostly plays is pitcher and he is really doing well at it.  He pays attention pretty good and even stops the ball occasionally and throws the ball to first.

My parents are at every game and sit in the outfield (my dad all the time but mom has to chat with everyone first before she sits).  I think my dad tries to coach from the outfield as well - sometimes those kids need it.

Brody has also had a few other fans come and watch - Nana and Poppy and Baylie and "Uncle" John.  Baylie came all prepared with signs to cheer on her favorite buddies - Brody, Bradyn and Grady.

Waiting for the ball to come back to him.  In this league, once the pitcher gets the ball there is no more movement on the field.

His catching is getting better, but not here since the ball is to the right of his glove.

He did better on this one - ball in the glove.

Brody gets so excited when his team gets an out.  Here is Josh our first baseman making an out.

We are so proud of Brody's hitting this year.  He hits everytime he gets up to bat and has gotten a double and even a triple.  Talk about a little excited and not just him, but this mama was a little excited in the dugout.  The goal is to hit it out because one of the coaches told the kids if they hit it out then they would get a pizza party.

I have actually enjoyed being the dugout mom this year.  11 kids in the dugout and they all have a name on their seat to hopefully stay in their seat.  It actually takes 2 of us to keep control of all of the kids.  Kelly (Bradyn's mom) and I find ourselves getting a little excited while we are in the dugout - which is quite comical.  We are like extra coaches.

Here is a video of one his hits.

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