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My Family

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Release of the butterflies

Our butterflies hatched around April 12 or so and we decided to release them on April 18.  All 6 of our chrysalis's turned into butterflies.  The boys watched and fed them for about a week.  

Now keep in mind they are boys so it is hard to get them to stop and watch the butterflies - mostly Trevor because he just wanted to thump them.

We called Nini over (since she is the retired science teacher) to watch the big event.

Opening the net for the big release.

I guess one of the butterflies really liked my mom because it kept landing on her.

They enjoyed our front yard for awhile

Trevor trying to catch one

We still had one that wasn't quite ready to leave the net and we assumed it was the caterpillar that was the last to form a chrysalis and he just wasn't ready to fly yet.  We decided to keep this butterfly a little longer in the net and see if he would start to fly.

Unfortunately he never flew but I consider 5 out of 6 caterpillars being released as butterflies a success. This was a fun experiment for the boys to see and I'm sure they will want to do again next year.

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