My Family

My Family

Monday, May 13, 2013

Brody's Choir Celebration

Friday, April 26 Brody had his Choir Celebration at church.  This is the first time they have done anything like this.  Everyone was invited and they served us dinner and then the kids provided the entertainment.  Brody had Nini and Papa and Nana and Poppy come out to hear him sing.  There were about 100 people there and the kids were so excited to see all of their friends.

With Nash




Trevor was even able to meet up with some of his friends.

with Leah (Molly's sister)

and Nate (Nash's brother)

After dinner it was time for the kids to go on stage and sing.  Now we had no idea what they were singing because Brody being a boy and the way he is, he never would sing the song for us.  I was just hoping he knew the song.

Boys being boys before the song started

This is the PreK - 1st grade choirs.  Check out the hands in the pocket.  Brody has done this every time he gets up to sing - no motions for him.

We even asked him why no motions and he said he just doesn't do them.

Time for some instruments.

Time to add the 2nd - 5th grade choirs.

I love this picture.  He is so expressive with his words.

Still hands in the pocket but thankful he is singing and not goofing off with the other boys.

A happy little brother after his singing.

 Time for the awards ceremony.

High Five to Mrs. Stacy

He loves Mrs. Stacy, who is one of his choir teachers.

Nana and Poppy out to listen to Brody's singing.

Our happy little family and no we didn't coordinate the blue's - but so happy it turned out like that.

Always making us laugh!!

The evening was very nice and we are so thankful to attend a church that goes out of their way to make the children feel so important in what they do.  Can't believe that my little Trevor will be up there next year - this should be interesting.

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