My Family

My Family

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Draft/Birthday Party

Thursday, April 25 was the NFL draft so we decided to have Adam and Stephanie and Ava over and see if the Jags could draft better than last year.  Jason decided to make things interesting by having our own little draft for the top 15 picks and see which of us would pick it right.  Out of the top 15 Adam had 6 right and the other 3 of us had 5 - so not too great!!

Last year for the draft I made boiled peanuts, well they were VERY salty so I had to try to redeem myself this year.  They were pretty good not too salty this time, thank goodness.

The next day was Stephanie's birthday so I thought I would make something special for her.  I found a smores cupcake recipe and I know she loves anything smores.

These were a graham cracker cake with chocolate ganache filling and a marshmallow creme frosting.

Pre icing with the chocolate ganache

My little helper - taste testing the icing.

They were quite rich but oh so yummy.  You could barely get one down because of how rich they were.  The kids enjoyed singing Happy Birthday and helping blow out the candle.

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