My Family

My Family

Friday, May 3, 2013

Strawberry Pickin' Time

After Brody's Sweet Pete field trip, I had planned for us to head to our local Strawberry farm.  We swung by and picked up Trevor from my mom (she's the best, always willing to keep little man) and off we went.  They both love strawberries and couldn't wait to pick some - even though they really didn't know what to expect - heck I didn't know either.  I had never done this before but have always wanted to.  What's better than fresh picked strawberries from a local place?

Ms. Kathy told us where to go and we could eat whatever we wanted but don't step over the rows, so off we went.  These were some of the biggest strawberries and my boys were some huge helpers.  They were constantly asking if "this was a good one?"

Hard to believe that neither one of my boys even asked to eat a strawberry - they were pretty sandy so I'm glad they didn't - but I know sand/dirt never hurt.

After 1 flat full we I was pretty much done.  It was pretty warm since it was about 2:30, but we had a flat of strawberries.

 About 3/4 of these were frozen for smoothies and the rest we just ate.  They were some of the juiciest strawberries ever.

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