My Family

My Family

Friday, May 10, 2013

Beautiful Weather

The weather here has been so beautiful lately and we are taking advantage of it every minute we can.  One Friday Stephanie and I packed up and headed to the beach with Ava and Trevor.  These 2 kids were so excited.  While Stephanie and I sat and chatted on the beach, they played so well together.  I thought the water was going to be too cold so I didn't think the kids would get in - well I was mistaken.

After about 15 minutes, they decided to head to the water.  They were splashing all around and even throwing sand out in the water.  Well, 2 women were walking down the beach and clearly saw them throwing sand so they took their lives in their own hands when they walked in front of our two precious children.  As Stephanie and I watched, the women walked in front and sure enough wet sand went right on them.  The women were not very pleased, but oh well they shouldn't have walked in front of our two kids.

With 2 loads of dirt brought in, the boys have had a ton of fun digging and yes even rolling down the mound of dirt head first.  I just wish the pool was a little warmer so they could rinse off before coming into the house.

And check out how our gardens are coming along.

Corn and potatoes

Squash, beans, peas, cucumbers and zucchini

Hopefully after the recent rain we won't lose too much of our garden.  I know the boys are looking forward to some fresh vegetables.

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