My Family

My Family

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pajama Sunday

Check out my little pajama loving boys even down to the Star Wars slippers

They were actually all ready for church because it was Pajama Day at our church that day.  The boys were beyond excited to wear their pj's that day.  We even went out to lunch that day with pj's and all - they thought it was great.

After a little rest we headed over to Stephanie's mom's "(Gigi) house so the big boys - Raymond, Jason and Adam could play a little ping pong.  The boys were so excited to go somewhere new and especially when they saw they could ride around on the golf cart.  We rode all around Gigi's property and they just wanted to go really fast.

All ready for the ride

We stopped off for a little swinging

 Gigi joined us for a ride down the hard road and we stopped off to pet the ponies.

 We had such a great time just hanging out and chatting.  Brody is still talking about going back to Mr. Raymond's so he can shoot his bow and arrow.

Big Band Bash

Do you enjoy doing things out of your comfort zone or something you have never done before?  Well, I usually do.  Adam and Stephanie asked us if we wanted to attend a Big Band Bash Gala at the Omni Resort at Amelia Island Plantation.  The Gala was to benefit the Annual Jazz Festival on Amelia Island. We bought a whole table so there were 12 of us. Jason and I really didn't know what to expect but I was excited because it was a time to dress up and go out with friends and no kids - always a plus (I love my boys but it we need adult time as well). Thankful for my parents who are always so willing to keep the boys for us.

The Gala started at 6:30 with a reception time and then actual dinner was at 7. Thankfully we arrived a little early so we could take a few pictures - it's not very often that we get all dressed up so we need to make sure we document it.

Our table included Adam and Stephanie, her parents (Raymond & Gigi(as Brody and Trevor have started calling her), Gigi's mom and her husband, Marty and Neal Cochrane and his mom, and Gigi's sister Robin.

Our entertainment for the evening - a 17 piece orchestra with a dance floor ready to be danced on.

We had lots of entertainment for the evening - not just the music.  The 4 of us were definitely the youngest of the entire room so we stood out a little.  The dress attire was cocktail but some people took it a little further and gave us a lot of entertainment for the evening - based on our faces and the lady in the background.  She was probably in her 60's and was very proud of her body - we couldn't get a picture of the front without being to noticeable.

Since we stood out so much we were approached several times as to why we weren't dancing.  Well, most of these people knew how to really dance and of course we didn't know how.  Now we took some swing dance lessons about 14 years ago, but sad to say that I had kind of forgotten them.

Finally within the last 10 minutes of the evening the four of us headed out to the dance floor.  We were hoping to learn a few moves from Stephanie's grandma.

We had such a great time that evening and I am so glad we went.  Who knows it may become an annual event, but I think we need to take a few dance lessons before we go back.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Disney on Ice - Princess style

The Easter bunny brought Brody and Trevor tickets to Disney on Ice as well as Baylie and Ava!!  I thought the show was mostly about Tangled so I figured the boys would enjoy it.  Well, when Jason looked the show up online, it was the only one in pink and he couldn't believe we were taking the boys to this.  We finally agreed that the girls went to see Toy Story last year so it was payback!!

We all met up to eat before the show and then off we went.  Sure enough there was a lot of pink going on, but my boys escorted their dates on into the arena.  This is how we felt better about the boys going to a princess show.

All 4 of them  ready for the show

With a little point and shoot, the pictures aren't that great.

The costumes were great throughout the entire show.  Here is one of my favorite characters - Mama Odie from Princess and the Frog

Trevor sat next to "Uncle John" through most of the show which kept his attention until the Cinderella part - it got a little boring so he came down to see what food I brought.

At the end of the show, all of the princesses came out dressed in white.  The girls thought it was the best thing ever.

All smiles - the boys actually really enjoyed the show so I was happy the Easter bunny brought them tickets to it and the boys were excellent dates for Ava and Baylie.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

School egg hunt

Thursday, April 5 Brody's class was scheduled for a walking field trip to the park for an Easter egg hunt.  Well, the weather didn't cooperate that day at all.  It rained all morning so the park was under water.  We decided to just have the egg hunt in the classroom.  We combined 2 classes together and all of the kids went to one room to watch a movie.  While they watched a movie us parents hid 60 eggs in the other classroom for 5 kids to come in and find.  We did this over and over until all 40 or so kids had found their 12 eggs.

Over 400 eggs to hide

Mrs. Proffit's room had some great spots to hide eggs.  We hid some eggs in some obvious places, but some of the kids couldn't even find them.

Getting ready to find some eggs.

Brody found his 12 eggs so fast and was then helping some of his classmates find theirs.

Telling Cameron where she can find another one.

Even though the original plans for an egg hunt didn't pan out, the kids still seemed to still have a blast.  Of course Brody loved opening all the eggs he found and was then full of sugar.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Caterpillars change

After a couple of weeks of watching the little caterpillars crawl and get bigger and bigger,

they finally made their way to the top of the container to form their chrysalis.

We waited and waited for them to come to the top.  The directions said they would move to the top and form a J shape.

 We had 5 of them attach to the top pretty quickly but there was one little straggler who looked like he was stuck in the all of the silk.  Thankfully he finally made it to the top about 3 days after the others.  Here they all are in their chrysalis stage.

We then moved the top of the container to the butterfly net.

Once a day the chrysalis' got a spray of water as we awaited the beautiful butterflies.

 It was so cute to see the boys check them out every day to see if there was any movement.  And so we waited and waited!!

First beach trip of 2013

April 3, Trevor and I packed up to spend the day at the beach.  I chose Wednesday because Brody participates in Run/Walk club so I don't have to pick him up until 3:15 which gives us more play time.  Well, what I wasn't prepared for was the wind gusts and the cool weather.  I checked the weather and it said low 70's, which I thought would be great.

Trevor didn't seem to care that it was a little cool, he was having a blast playing in the sand.

I on the other hand started out feeling great but I guess the wind picked up and it got cooler and I eventually ended up covering up with 2 towels.  We had a great picnic lunch on the beach and he played and played some more.

We stayed for about 2 hours and then I was just freezing and we had to go, but not until he played on the playground for a little while.  Despite the change of weather, it was a great day and we both had fun.  I see more days like this in our future.