My Family

My Family

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break 2013 - Day 1

For this Spring Break I really wanted to go somewhere and make it very memorable.  For awhile I contemplated taking the boys out west skiing, but OH MY GOODNESS it costs a fortune to do that and what if they don't enjoy it then we are stuck.  So, Jason was going to take off a few days and we decided to head down to Orlando at the end of the week.

However, for the first couple of days I still wanted the boys to have fun.  So, for Day 1 we headed to the mall for a visit to the Easter Bunny.  Trevor couldn't wait to see him and actually Brody was thankfully excited to see him - I know one day he won't think it's cool so for now I enjoy every minute of it. 

We arrived right at opening time so there was little to no wait.  I was a little worried with the line seeing that all 4 counties around us were also on Spring Break, but we were in luck.  

We paid our quick visit and purchased our pictures - thank goodness with no tears.

I then asked them what they wanted to do and leave it to Brody to say get ice cream - I love this kid.  It was only 11:30, but hey ice cream for lunch, sure why not - it's Spring Break!!

Of course while sitting eating our ice cream they see the train and want to take a ride.  I tried to persuade them to do something else - give them the $4 each to buy something while we are in Orlando, but they really wanted to ride.  I saw that it was going to cost me $4 to ride as well, I decided it was time for them to be big boys and they could ride by themselves.  They thought that was the coolest thing ever.

After a few errands we headed home and called Day 1 of Spring Break a success.

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