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My Family

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our not so little garden

Our first attempt at a garden last year wasn't too bad and we were able to put up a decent amount of vegetables, so we are trying it again this year.  However, we decided to go a little bigger.  We made our space a little bigger as well as my dad made a much larger spot in the back field just for corn.  Not really sure what we are getting into here, but hey it's worth a shot.

My parents used to have a HUGE garden for years.  However, they finally got tired of it and gave it up.  My dad was really against me planting a garden - he gave all kinds of excuses - deer will eat the crop, too low, etc, etc.  I said hey it's not that much money for the seed and oh well if the deer eat it and look we were pretty successful.  This year it was actually my dad's idea for the corn in the back field, so I think he's getting into again.  He was always in our garden last year picking different things for us - what a guy :)

After my dad tilled up the ground for us, I set out to create my rows with my hoe in hand.  I was feeling like my Grandmother - I just needed her huge straw hat and I would have been set.  After the rows were set and fertilized, off we went to planting.  This is where the boys came into help.

They were so excited to help.  It was a great way to work on their counting skills - mostly Trevor of course.

In addition to our butter beans, zippercream peas, lima beans, squash, zucchini, and cucumber, I also tried out a few new additions this year.



I also am growing herbs again which I loved doing last year.  I already have rosemary that seems to never die and here's oregano

 And cilantro

There is nothing like fresh herbs to cook with.  I can't wait to see how the garden does this year and hopefully we will have lots of fresh vegetables to eat!!

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  1. Jenny!!! I love my garden as well, and yours looks so good! Very traditional too. I just dont know why doesnt EVERYONE grow a garden?? Cant wait to see some pictures.