My Family

My Family

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break Get away

We (all 4 of us) woke up Wednesday morning of our Spring Break and headed down to Orlando.  We really didn't have any plans except that we were NOT going to any of the parks.  It happened to be Orlando's spring break as well - so CROWDED!!  The only plan I had was to stop at the Orlando Science Center for the Star Wars exhibit that was there.  I'm not even sure how I found out that there was any such exhibit, but it was perfect timing because it was only going to be there for another week.

The boys were pretty excited about seeing all of the Star Wars stuff.  We arrived about 1:00 and thank goodness we had a season pass to our local museum because it saved us about $30.  The place was pretty crowded, but it was also pretty big.  We had a 1:30 time slot to view the Star Wars exhibit, so we checked out a few things before hand. 

Racing their drag cars

Testing out some electrical thing - yeah, I'm really good with these kind of things.

Having fun in the prism to see how many times you could count yourself.

Finally time to see the Star Wars exhibit.  No flash photography + pretty dark = not such great photos.

Millennium Falcon.  They were all decked out in their Star Wars attire - Trevor even had on his new Star Wars shoes.

A Pod racer.  We went for the kids, but I think Jason was just as excited to see all of the stuff.

His favorite - Yoda

 Trevor only wanted his picture in front of the good guys.

Young Anakin Skywalker

Trying out a podracer.

This was a station to try and build a robot.  You were to try and make it balance by using the different weights.

Off to visit the other 3 floors of the museum.

Checking out the turtles

Making different animal tracks in the sand.

"I hear it"

Time for some fun with the animal bones.  They thought this was hilarious.

The bottom floor had a huge play area for the kids, which was hard to keep up with them because they were all over the place.

 One of the areas we visited was where they could build things.

Trying to balance the boards.

 Trevor loved this area where you took pipe and put it through the holes.

Brody decided to join in and connect the 2 boards with pipe.

Half of the top floor was the dinosaurs.  I'm assuming this is always here.  It was huge.  Brody loved it, but as you can see Trevor wasn't getting near this T-Rex.

Digging for bones.

The last place we explored was about space, weather, etc.  Jason and Brody had made a paper helicopter.  Brody is putting it in the wind tunnel to see how it flew.  We were very impressed.

The 3 boys also went into a hurricane chamber with winds that hit 80mph.  I took a video but it wouldn't upload.  Of course Trevor's hair was quite comical and they both loved it.

We left around 4:00 and headed to our hotel - Gaylord Palms Convention Center.

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